About the BIA

A Business Improvement Association (BIA) is an association of businesses within a specified district, usually the downtown core, who join together in an effort to draw prospective customers to the area. A BIA committee must be approved by City Council, and they use their own money to help revitalize the community by promoting shops and businesses and improving the attractiveness of the surrounding area.

The BIA in downtown Paris consists of both merchants and businesses. This dedicated group of individuals is committed to making every visit to downtown Paris an experience to remember. To promote the downtown, the BIA holds events such as the Summertime Streetfest in July, and Jingle Bell Night in November. These events are completely organized and funded by the BIA in the form of advertising, entertainment and attractions, which help to bring new visitors into our beautiful town. From the beautifully appointed window displays to the friendly, personalized service to the architecture of our shops, we treasure every moment you share with us.

Paris BIA Responsibilities

  • Making downtown Paris a more attractive place for businesses and customers alike
  • Marketing and promoting Paris as a tourist destination
  • Beautification and maintenance of the downtown area
  • Encouraging communication and support among business owners

Board Members

  • Chair: Drew Skuce, Green Heron Books
  • Vice Chair: Rachelle Rousseau, Rachelle Rousseau Photography
  • Director: Laurie Brain, Baby B Home
  • Treasurer: Lisa Kratz, McCormick Florists
  • Director: Judy Simpson, Baby B Home
  • Secretary: Sue Neill, Hollow Willow Health Store

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