Paris is nestled in a quaint river valley at the joining of the Nith and Grand Rivers and a fun day trip for many who live in Southern Ontario. We are a short drive from Hamilton, Brantford and Cambridge and minutes from Highway 403. See below for all the ways to get here!

By Train

Paris does not have a train station but don’t despair, travel by train is possible. 

Take Via Rail to the Brantford Train Station. From there, the bus will bring you to our doors. Plan your trip!

Via Rail train crossing a dirt road in the country.
People riding in a bus.

By Bus

You can take the bus from points north (Cambridge), south (Brantford), and even from Toronto. Plan your trip!

By Car

Don’t you love gps and google maps?  Just make sure that your GPS is set for Paris Ontario not Paris France!  The trip there may take you a little longer.

Aerial view of highway 403 passing through Brantford Ontario.
3 bicyclists in the countryside.

By Bike

You can be from anywhere in Paris to Downtown with a 10 minute bike ride. When you arrive, there are plenty of places to park your bike.


There is lots of free 3 hour parking in Downtown Paris both on the street in front of our stores and a large Municipal Parking Lot. Check out the map below to make it easy for you when you arrive.

Map showing parking zones and amenities in downtown Paris, with a supporting map of the surrounding area.

Parking map by County of Brant.

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